Should You Get a New Construction Home Inspection?

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When you’re buying an existing house, there’s hardly any question that you’d want a home inspection. Clearly, you would do your due diligence on its condition before you commit to purchasing it at a given price.

However, that decision might not seem as obvious when you’re buying a brand new house: should you get a new construction home inspection? Why would you even need one if everything is in brand-new condition — and, in some cases, built just to your preferred specs, even perhaps under your own guidance?

The answer is, yes: Experts say you really should get a home inspection on a new construction home. Pretty much every consideration falls into the “pro” column here, with the exception of the cost of paying someone to do it. (And then there’s the possibility the inspector might find an issue — but that’s intel that any informed buyer would actually consider a pro, right?)

Here’s HomeLight's expert-backed guide to dig deeper into the reasons behind that decision-making advice.'s New Construction Home Inspection Guide